Ethergraf®, a revolutionary new creative writing idea ETHERGRAF®, the modern heir of Silverpoint, is an innovative metal alloy that leaves a light and romantic mark like graphite but timeless like ink. Technology The ETHERGRAF® tip microscopically “scratches” the paper, oxidizing it, thus leaving a light but precise mark. Plain paper - that is, paper made of unprocessed cellulose - thanks to its porosity perfectly responds to the passage of the metal tip. The presence of binder, mineral fillers, dyes or additives in the paper degrades its natural absorption capacity, thus partially preventing oxidation upon contact with the ETHERGRAF® tip. That's why our pens were never intended to replace ordinary writing tools, but go beyond the concept of pure function, transforming into the perfect design accessory for those who always like to tell a story. Made in Italy. A natural instinct, an ancient gesture, as simple as evocative. The tools for shaping thoughts have traced the course of time, the experiences of the past centuries have written the history of future inventions. The ETHERGRAF® tip is inspired by the special silver tip technique used by Leonardo da Vinci. Created in collaboration with leading Italian researchers, it takes advantage of the oxidation caused by friction of paper against a metal tip, taking it to a new level. Designed, crafted and hand forged in Italy, ETHERGRAF® is the hallmark of our styluses.

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