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Raffaello, as a child of art, learns from an early age that beauty is not an abstract and instinctive concept, but the result of in-depth studies and attention to every detail. He observed the great artists of the time and was able to grasp their secrets and then overcome them with his great sense of balance and composition. The Divine painter. Raphael is a man of immense culture, combined with an extraordinary executive and technical ability. It is precisely in the use of colour that his talent finds the greatest prominence. Pininfarina Segno, celebrates 500 years since the great master’s death with an exclusive Pininfarina Cambiano Raphael Urbinas edition. Monochromatic subjects compose apparently chaotic images, which are revealed by the use of two colour filters. The interaction with the object becomes a game of research and surprise: the lens hides the details of the same colour and highlights the details of the complementary.

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