Perpetua la matita

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Ecological perpetua® pencil without wooden case: durable, non-marking hands, made of the innovative Zantech® material consisting of 80% recycled graphite.

It has a natural eraser available in ten colors.

A youthful, unique and nice pencil for everyday use, it is perfect for artists, designers and for people who value unique gadgets.

The perpetua® pencil is not damaged in case of accidental dropping and also writes when broken into two parts.

The technological properties of the Perpetua pencil are so unique that it can also be used on orbital stations and in spacecraft. Zantech® isolates the graphite, preventing short circuits in the instrumentation in the event of microparticle dispersion.

The perpetua® pencil can also be personalized and offered as an exclusive advertising medium.

When ordering, please state the color of the eraser

light blue


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Data sheet

Body Zantech® - a non-staining ecological material consisting of 80% recycled graphite.
Writing tip Zantech® is an ecological material consisting of 80% recycled graphite.
Writing tip hardness HB
Body dimensions 195mm length - 9mm diameter
Designed by Maria Giardini

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