• HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball
  • HMM Eraser Ball

HMM Eraser Ball

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Inspired by dandelion puff ball, the spherical seed head structure is masterfully converted into the geometric design comprising of six identical parts and one central axis, forming a ball.

In addition to erasing writing errors, HMM Eraser Ball also has diverse functions. The gaps can be used as business card holder. Each individual part can be used as a pen holder, and the center of gravity has been carefully calculated, so that the individual parts can spin steadily and will not tip over; when the pencils are placed in a bucket upside-down, the individual parts of HMM Eraser Ball resemble blossoming flowers.

The round edge of the individual parts allows precise erasing, and the material is also eco-friendly and contains no plasticizer or PVC, making it safer and healthier to meet the values of environmental protection and sustainability.

Eraser Ball Pacific Blue


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Data sheet

Body dimensions Ø66mm
Body weight 165g
Materials used for production Eco-friendly Rubber, No PVC, No Plasticizer

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