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  • Piuma Inferno 700th edition
  • Piuma Inferno 700th edition
  • Piuma Inferno 700th edition
  • Piuma Inferno 700th edition

Forever Piuma Dante Inferno

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Piuma is inspired by the works of Dante Alighieri. Inferno is Hell, the first part of the hero's journey according to the work of the Italian Poet. The hellish look is combined in this ballpoint pen with refined woodworking according to the old Japanese tradition.

Handcrafted flamed wood body in constant balance on its own centre of gravity, thanks to a polished black mirror steel base. The dark tones of Forever Piuma Inferno “Dante 700th Edition” evoke the sin and the darkness, two elements that Dante describes in the various circles of Hell. The wood, expertly treated with open flames through a centuries-old and evocative Japanese tradition, is charred on the surface, proofed and long-lasting. Each item is unique, thanks to elegant irregular finishes, whose variations are the value-added of a lo ng process of craftsmanship.



Product Details


Data sheet

Body Body made of flamed polished maple wood.
Writing tip Ethergraf® metal alloy
Body dimensions Length 152mm - diameter 12mm
Body weight Weight 7 gr (Il peso indicato si riferisce al solo stelo)
Size of the package 21,5cm x 10cm x 3cm
Included in the set Provided with stainless steel basement
Package An elegant cardboard box referring to the product series with a loop for easy opening.
Designed by Pininfarina Segno Writing & Accessories

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