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Pininfarina AERO Red

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Pininfarina AERO is an innovative, perpetual pen born out of a fruitful collaboration with the world-renowned design office Pininfarina (Italy).


Created to shape infinity, the Pininfarina Aero has an Ethergraph tip, made of a special metal alloy, invented and created by Pininfarina Segno, that allows you to write endlessly without ink or refills.

The AERO stylus is characterized by a revolutionary style, ranging from the hollow body, made of aviation aluminum and forged by torsion force, to the line displaying the symbol of infinity. The stylus, characterized by light and meaningful lines, is complemented by a concrete base, generating a contrast that emphasizes its uniqueness.

Pininfarina Segno presents the horizon of an innovative and unique writing scenario.

The creation of the timeless beauty typical of Pininfarina's design and the development of innovation through continuous research are the reasons behind this project, which highlights both Pininfarina's signature products, as well as a selection of Italian design excellence that we would like to suggest to our public due to the remarkable innovative elements and common values.

Pininfarina Segno combines cutting-edge technology and crafting skills to add a new chapter to your writing history and more.



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Product Details


Data sheet

Aluminiowy korpus z wstawkami z litego orzecha The body is made of aviation aluminum alloy.
Końcówka pisząca Ethergraf® metal alloy
Body dimensions Długość 160mm - średnica 6mm
Body weight 17g
Opakowanie 19,3 cm x 4 cm x 4,7 cm
Included in the set architectural concrete base

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